Theatre Shorts A Festival of New Writing

Cast List

Remain at Your Desk

by John Schoneboom

Malcolm George - Clive

Jeannie McGartland - Kate

Mike O'Shea - Manager Dick

Julie Winters - Mail Girl

Abigail Joffe - Hippie Woman

Niall O'Higgins - Hippie Man

Director - Wendela Rosenberg Polak

Do You Love Me

by James Hyde

Mike Venner - Man

Camilla Dinkel - woman

Director Wendela Rosenberg Polak

Level 7

by Mike Venner

Kevin McConville - Pete

Boris Nicholson - Dave

Elaine Kennedy - Jill

Director Laura Meiland


by David McCall

Greg O'Sullivan - James

Mike O'Shea - Dan

Greg O'Sullivan Jr - Boy

Director - Malcolm George


by Siobhan Phinney

Malcolm George - Man

Elaine Kennedy - Woman

Director Wendela Rosenberg Polak

Emma, Johnny and Jane

by Mike Venner

Noelle Dold - Emma

Mike O'Shea - Johnny

Camilla Dinkle - Jane

Director Wendy Rosenberg Polak

Photographs by Chris May
“...a little magic from Beehive Theatre Company...”
Chris May
Review by Chris May
The Kerryman
It is rare that audiences get the chance to see the work of new playwrights, it is rarer still that the new playwrights get to see their plays performed. Yet, with a little magic from Beehive Theatre Company's second season of theatre shorts, this is exactly what happened.

The festival is a collaboration of artistic work in theatre production, playwrighting, music and composition. The artists involved are Beehive Theatre Company personnel, the seven selected playwrights, three directors (Beehive associates), three musicians and several actors from outside the company, including local secondary school students.