by Terry Johnson
Photographs by Chris May

Actress - Karen Clarke

Professor - Mike Venner

Ball Player - Ben Farr

Senator - Malcolm George

Heavy - Niall O'Higgins


Director - Wendela Rosenberg Polak

Set Design - Veronique Gerber

Review from Kerryman Newspaper

“Beehive Theatre Company's new production, Insignificance by Terry Johnson, opened to a standing ovation at its first performance. The characters, named Professor, Senator, Actress, and Ball Player, intersect variously in a New York hotel room in 1953. Representing Albert Einstein, Senator Joe McCarthy, Marilyn Monroe and her husband Joe DiMaggio, the characters carry a weight of history into the play. The play opens with a sinister and sleazy Malcolm George as the Senator, his body language moving unnervingly between a steeliness and a loose 'good-old-boy' camaraderie that no one would trust. Mike Venner's Einstein embodies a resigned wisdom, his economical gestures -a touch to the arm, a dawning realisation on his face - serve to make the Professor human. It is difficult to imagine that hearing the theory of relativity on stage can be entertaining, but in Beehive's production, Karen Clarke as Marilyn Monroe makes it fascinating and charming at the same time. Dressed in the famous halter dress from The Seven Year Itch, she is startlingly like Monroe, conveying a seeking intelligence whilst never once losing an awareness of her own sexiness. Ben Farr's vivid portrayal of the Ball Player combines rage and sorrow to perfection. Insignificance moves in turn from strong emotion to humour, balancing each. It is a satisfying play and Beehive's current production under the direction of Wendela Rosenberg Polak brings the play vividly to life. The audience, after the standing ovation, went out into the night, energized by this fine production.”

Sandra Landers.