“Pitchii Bi”
 with Nuru Kane and the Kids

Once there was a small village in Africa which was very happy until a huge and strange bird flew in to nest in a large tree. The bird would eat all the cattle and the crops and soon the villagers were going hungry.

The Chief sent out his best warriors to chop down the tree and kill the bird, but they returned saying that the bird was too beautiful and sang so wondrously that they had not the heart to kill it.

The Chief sent out a party of his oldest and most experienced warriors, but these old people were also seduced by the birds songs.

lastly the Chief called to the children in the tribe and they went out singing loudly and chopped down the tree and killed the bird.

The village was saved and the Chief was very pleased with the children.

Pitchii Bii

(The Great Bird)

An African Fairy Tale

Singer and songwriter Nuru Kane from Senegal and Dance teacher Marie Helene Kane from France teamed up with Beehive Theatre Company and 25 local children for a week long workshop in dance, acting music and song.